Cryonics and Critics

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If you regard cryonics as nonsense or as pseudo-science - we certainly understand, and sympathize. It's hard to see how anyone can see cryonics in a positive light after being treated to what can seem like an endless parade of negative media presentations.

But let's be open-minded. Cryonics is a developing scientific technology.  If you want to understand the feasibility and value of a new technological method, you don't go to late-night talk shows or comedians like Jay Leno or Howard Stern to get their expert input. Calm and rational assessments of scientific research don't appear as headlines in the National Enquirer. People who want to know the cutting-edge state new medical investigation and innovation don't read dated Fifites science fiction pulp novels on the topic.

But that is how cryonics is forever being presented to the public. And this is tragic, because a field of legitimate scientific research that could possibily save many lives and have major implications for society has been held back, and has not been given the support and funding that it needs.

The fact is, doctors, biologists, teachers, authors, scientists - indeed, some of the most well-known and prominent scientists in the world today - not only publicly support and advocate cryonics, but have signed up for eventual cryonics treatment themselves.

Don't you owe it to yourself to make your judgment based on what some of the most knowledgeable figures in the world today have to say?  Not stand-up comedians, or well-intentioned but misinformed individuals with little or no technical knowledge of the subject, but respected scientists and doctors?

Take a look at an open letter signed by sixty doctors, scientists and researchers in support of further research into cryonics -- names including Eric Drexler, the father of nanotechnology, Marvin Minsky, the founder of artificial intelligence research in the United States, award-winning author Dr. Gregory Benford, among dozens of others.

Scientist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey , successfully predicted email, laptops, global communications satellite systems, and video conferencing years before they became a reality.

What did Isaac Asimov have to say about cryonics?

"Though no one can quantify the probability of cryonics working, I estimate it is at least 90%..."

A "90% probability" of life - versus a 100% certainty of death. Which choice makes more sense to you?

If you're unsure about or skeptical to cryonics, that's perfectly understandable. You're reacting appropriately to a very limited and negative presentation which, unfortunately, is all that most people ever see.

But that presentation may not be the whole truth.  It may not be true at all.

Given the possibility that many human lives, possibly even including your own and the lives of the people you care about, may hinge on whether or not cryonics can and will be developed and accepted, don't you owe it to yourself and society to learn more and to investigate this issue in more depth?

If in the course of objectively examining the facts, you decide that cryonics treatment is not for you, that's fine. People support cancer research without necessarily wanting to have cancer treatments. But very few people oppose to cancer research.  They support it, and contribute to it.  We think the same position is the most reasonable one to have when confronted with the issue of cryonics. We need to know more, and we need to have sympathy and understanding for individuals who, facing certain death, make their free decision for this new alternative approach to dealing with it.

The Cryonics Society believes that the honest presentation of all the facts on the subject will lead thoughtful people to the conclusion that scientific research into cryonics should be supported, and that people voluntarily wishing to make use of the best approaches now available in the field should be able to exercise their free choice without excessive bureaucratic interference or negative media treatment.

We believe that the more you know about cryonics, the more sympathetic you will be with its humanitarian goals and its growing scientific justification. We encourage you to know more, and to learn more. Browse our web site, read our FAQ page, subscribe to our free e-newsletter and become a supporter.

You'll be taking part in a great intellectual adventure, and possibily to a great and long-lasting personal adventure as well.

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