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caring and cryonics

Cryonics is misrepresented in the media in many ways. One of those ways is the presentation of cryonics as an option for loners, for people willing to break with their time, their culture, and their family, unafraid to wake up in a future world that may be radically different and with none of the people and the bonds that, for many people, are what make life matter.

But facts tell another story. In fact one of the most striking features about cryonics in recent years is the way entire families have been signing up. Couples have been signing up together since the suspension services began to be offered, and one of the most constant features of cryonics suspension has been the readiness of people to repay a parent's gift of life by returning the favor and by helping make cryonics suspension arrangments for a parent. Organizational rules sometimes even make it easier, by offering lower rates for families or free memberships for children under a certain age.

Far from passing into a future of loneliness and isolation, many cryonicists view their eventual restoration as one of being reunited with someone they love. And enjoying that restored affection for many many years to follow.

Cryonics also fosters another kind of family feeling -- the feeling of fellowship among those in the cryonics community themselves. Cryonics can involve as much (or as little) study and preparation and conversations and activism that the participant wishes, and lasting friendships, long-term companionships, even marriages sometimes result. Many in cryonics have little doubt that people among their family of acquaintances and friends in the cryonics commmunity will be there to greet and welcome them in times to come.

And one of the long-running themes in cryonics and cryonics discussions has been the eventual creation of future support groups in the future, some formed by those already restored from cryopreservation, some operating as an outgrowth of existing services providers. People who ready to foster and to offer a circle of friendship and assistance for those waking up to a new world.

And to friends and family old and new.

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