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One of the purposes of the Cryonics Society is to provide information for news agencies and news personnel.

The Cryonics Society is an independent and unbiased organization. We don't perform cryonics procedures, provide cryonics treatment, or maintain cryonics patients. We're not offering such services, and we're not spokespersons for any organization that does. We simply want to be a fair-minded and even-handed source of accurate up-to-date information about cryonics today.

If you want information about cryonics, search our web site. If you have a question you don't see answered here, call us or email us and we'll try to find it and get it to you. If you want to arrange interviews with or need pictures from existing organizations or people in the cryonics world, let us know, and we'll help point you to the right persons or help make arrangements.

We don't ask that you write your story our way. We just want to be sure that you've get the answers you're looking for.

So browse our site. And if there's a fact you can't find or aren't sure about, email us at press [at] or call us at 1-585-643-1167 and let us know.

Get the real story.  We think you'll find it's a story your readers will like.

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