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extending life

Cryonics is by all accounts one of the great scientific adventures. Cryonics members have scientists, biologists, cryobiologists, researchers, and many others in the field of health and other sciences. One of the world's leading cryonics organizations has observed that the percentage of doctors among its membership is ten times that of the general public.

But while the presence of health specialists and scientists in the cryonics world is no secret, the cryonics emphasis on health often is.

Many in cryonics match their thirst for life in the future with a passion for enhancing life today. Their goal is not to live recklessly and badly now in hopes that future repair can restore what has been abused today. On the contrary: many advocates of cryonics also stress the need to live as physically healthy as they can today.

In part this is a simple recognition that the longer you live now, the more advanced medical and cryonics technology will become. Better quality cryopreservation and easier and earlier restoration will almost certainly follow the greater advancements that time brings.

extending life

But the cryonics advocacy of health and longevity don't stop there. Many in the field and sympathetic to the field are prominent advocates of better health practices, and have actively promoted improved diet, exercise, and lifestyles.

Saul Kent of 21st Century Medicine, for example, is not only one of the legendary early cryonics activists but also one of the founder of the Life Extension Foundation, a successful businessman in the vitamin field. Kent is one of the people behind Life Extension magazine, and an author of several books on the subject of health.

Cryonics Institute President Ben Best has long been an advocate of calorie restriction as a method of life extension here and now and has written extensively on the subject.

extending life

Terry Grossman, M. D., a certified anti-aging physician and expert in longevity medicine, is one of the co-authors, with Ray Kurzweil, of Fantastic Voyage, a 400-page exploration of cutting-edge health practices today. A book whose subtitle -- 'Live Long Enough To LIve Forever' --expresses both the cryonics outlook and preferred cryonics practice on the subject."

The number of individuals in the cryonics area themselves advancing and promoting health are paralleled by other individuals who are either sympathetic to cryonics or working in life-extension areas that advocates of cryonics actively draw attention to and support, such as the work of British geneticist Aubrey de Grey, head of the SENS project at Cambridge University.

So cryonics isn't only an attempt to extend your life one day far away. It can way to improve your life right now, by awakening you not only to the precious value of life in the present moment, but by bringing your attention to the many new and emerging ways to improve health and extend healthy longevity in the world today.

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