Cryonics And Longevity

If you're interested in a longer life, cryonics is for you.

We certainly understand how people can cherish and do all they can to enhance their lives and their health. Every supporter of the cryonics idea supports the idea of longer life.

But the fact remains, no matter how much exercise you do or however many vitamins you may take to prolong your life, there comes a point where the human body will break down and eventually die.

A time may be coming when that moment may be pushed back radically, and when good health and freedom from the pain of age and illness are everyone's choice.

But right now, the choice for a truly extended life comes down to a choice for cryonics. It is certain that new means will be developed in the future to push back aging and sickness. It's also certain that it can't benefit you if you're not there to receive it.

Cryonics is an attempt to make sure that you do receive it. That you can reach that future point where the promise of human longevity is fulfilled to its maximum. If longevity matters to you, cryonics matters to you.

So browse our site. Read our material. Cryonics has always been a strong supporter of longevity and the CS site has numerous tips and links that can help you live longer right now. A short list of such links follows below.

But if one of the best ways you can live longer is to help support efforts to extend life, then supporting the Cryonics Society is one of the best decisions you may ever make.

If you've already made a choice to try to live a longer life, make one more. Join the Cryonics Society.

Some Selected CS Longevity Links:

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Dr. Roy Walford --"The 120-Year Diet"
Thomas Donaldson's A Guide To Anti-Aging Drugs
Geron Corporation: solving human aging


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