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The Technocrati Cryonics page claims to cover "everything in the known universe about cryonics". Which is an exaggeration. But they did link to 1,095 blog postings on cryonics when last we checked -- and online cryonics photos and videos too. If you want to know what people are saying about cryonics online, there's no better place to start: Cryonics on Technocrati.

For good individual blogs by cryonics advocates, or for blogs that often mention cryonics, visit some of the prime examples below:

Betterhumans Blogs Page

George Dvorsky's Sentient Developments

Mark Plus: Supersurvival Needs

Kennita Watson - Cryonics Activist's Livejournal Blog

Howard Lovy's Nanobot

Livejournal Cryonics Community Blog

Gina Miller Blog

Elder Care and Cryonics

Extrobritannia: UK Transhumanist Blog

Accelerating Future


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Author and marketing consultant David Pascal discusses cryonics and the Cryonics Society as well as social marketing and upcoming demographic changes in American society in a series on interviews on Steve Cobbs' The Future and You.

Insurance Salesman and cryonics activist Rudi Hoffman talks about how to make cryonics suspension arrangements safely, easily, and affordably in a talk with Steve Cobb at The Future and You.

Leading cryobiologist and researcher Dr. Brian Wowk, Senior Scientist at 21st Century Medicine, Inc., discusses the promise of cryonics with John Bischof, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota and President of the Society for Cryobiology.

Dr. Wowk was joined byJonathan Moreno, Professor of Biomedical Ethics at the University of Virginia, and Boris Rubinsky, Professor of Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

These cryonics podcast and others are available at

Cryonics Videos Online:

Cryonics Society: The Best Of Online Cryonics Video

Google Video On Cryonics

Cryonics On YouTube


Cold Filter: Network 54's cryonic chat online

Alcor Members Online Forum

Livejournal Cryonics Community

Immortality Institute's Cryonics Forum

Considering Cryonics

Cryonics Institute Forum (CI Members Only)

Eugen Leitl is the moderator of a related Orkut group for people involved in cryonics called Cryonicists. Orkut members may visit and join the sites by logging onto Orkut.

Online Networking:

Meet Other People Interested In Cryonics

One of the best ways to connect with people interested in cryonics online is to connect with them offline. That's how works. Visit Meetup and type in 'cryonics' or any other topic you're interested in, and Meetup will direct you to everyone in the area who wants to meet and discuss the subject.

You can even make it known that you want to meet others interested in the subject, and set up online discussion or offline meetings yourself.

So far cryonics supporters are meeting regularly in 98 cities throughout the world. And you can get directions using Google Maps. Just go to Cryonics Meetup at

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