Existing Providers Of Cryonics Services

One goal of the Cryonics Society is to help direct interested people to cryonics treatment providers that have been legally reviewed and inspected, and whose methods, finances, and operating costs are documented.

Ideally, we also prefer organizations that have a long history of operations. One goal of cryonics is to maintain patients till such time as restorations and cures become possible. The longer a cryonics organization has survived, the longer it's likely to continue to survive.

By these stringent criteria, there are only a very few cryonics organizations the Cryonics Society can recommend.

But we first recommend that persons interested in joining any such organization join the Cryonics Society beforehand. The cost of becoming a supporter begins at only twenty dollars, and we feel it's the best way to insure that any choice you make in selecting a treatment provider will be as fair and informed as possible.

Although each organization we recommend has a record of being above-board and open, it remains true that cryonics organizations are businesses, and businesses competition with one another. There can be a tendency to emphasize only one's strengths and virtues, and to portray the competition as being less substantive than they perhaps are.

The Cryonics Society has no bias in this regard. We support cryonics, we support all legitimate cryonics organizations, and we support the right of people who want cryonics to choose whichever provider they feel is most appropriate for them. We don't make that decision for people, we only want to make sure that people have the best and most accurate information available to help them choose.

The Cryonics Society does not play favorites. We want to help all cryonics organizations grow and improve. We want all legitimate cryonics providers to get more members and more donations and more public acceptance. By helping existing cryonics organizations to enlist more members, they will be able to generate additional funding for their in-house research activities. We want to help existing organizations reach all the critically necessary goals they must reach if cryonics is going to survive. And with enough support, we believe we can do exactly that.

But we don't favor any one organization over another regardless of context, or of the concrete situation of the person seeking cryonics treatment. Existing cryonics organizations are different in many different ways, and clear-cut superiority in every respect across the board cannot easily be claimed. People in a certain income range may be prefer one organization over another for financial reasons; people living closely to one organization instead of another may feel that they are more likely to get rapid emergency service from that organization as opposed to the other.

Deciding on which organization to join is a matter of understanding the prospective member's needs and circumstances, as well as the organization's capabilities. Therefore, as a service for its supporters only, the Cryonics Society assists those Cryonics Society supporters who are interested in finding the most appropriate provider on an individual basis, and then connects Cryonics Society supporters to those people in the organizations they have selected who can best facilitate their membership.

Individuals who wish only to browse various cryonics organizations' sites directly may do so by going to our resources page. But we suggest that individuals interested in signing up for eventual cryonic treatment would do better by joining the Cryonics Society and using the experience and the information and services the Society provides.  Making the best choice means making the best informed choice.  Becoming a supporter of the Cryonics Society can help you find the way.

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