Benefits Of Supporting The Cryonics Society

Once you become a Cryonics Society supporter, you get several special benefits and options. Here are what many supporters consider the top six:

1. Assistance. People who are introduced to cryonics for the first time are confused and unsure. How much of the things they hear in the press are true? Which of the conflicting things said about cryonics are accurate? Which providers of cryonics treatments are legitimate and which are not? What can you do and where can you go in the event of an emergency? Where and how can a person sign up?

The Cryonics Society can help show you the way. We're independent, unbiased, non-affiliated. We aren't trying to sell newspapers or magazines by being sensationalistic, and we aren't in the business of performing cryonics treatments. What we want to do is help the public understand the value of research in a field that may pioneer new and feasible ways to apply the emerging insights of cryobiology and nanomedicine to save and extend human life.

What the Cryonics Society also wants to do is provide the public with the facts. We want to give our supporters the fullest and widest spectrum of information available needed to make the best choice possible for themselves and their loved ones. We provide concrete real-world assistance as well, ranging from helping interested supporters find the most appropriate cryonics provider for them, to giving supporters an Emergency Hot Line phone number for times of crisis.

2. Information. Apart from the continually updated material on the Society's web site at, at appropriate times the Cryonics Society also sends out a free electronic newsletter called FutureNews which is intended to inform supporters about cutting-edge updates in cryonics and also about breaking innovations in science, health and technology - new developments that can help give everyone a better life.

The Society is also working to assemble a book called The Cryonics Reader, which aims to bring together the best writing on the subject that interested doctors, scientists, and writers have produced.

3. Action. For the first time in history, a positive message about cryonics has been sent by the Cryonics Society in a professional direct mail effort, to several thousand individuals in the general public. And more such efforts are planned.

The Cryonics Society has begun creating what it intends to make the most comprehensive and unbiased informational web site on the subject of cryonics.

Efforts are being made by the Society to raise and direct funds to legitimate research programs in areas beneficial to cryonics.

So one thing supporters get is knowing where their contribution goes -- straight to work. You don't just make a contribution when you join or donate to the Cryonics Society. You make a difference.

4. Meaning. Becoming a Supporter of the Cryonics Society means you've taken a brave step to be a part of the future. You may well be increasing your own personal chances by taking that step, but your choice is also a choice to help others.

People's donations to charitable organizations moderate the effect of one disease or another, and such donations are worth making. But joining the Cryonics Society means that you've taken a step to try to push back the tragic costs of virtually all diseases, of virtually every physical affliction that limits and injures mankind. Afflictions that threaten not only people in general, but you yourself and those people who matter most to you.

There is no greater humanitarian cause in the world today than cryonics. In standing up and supporting it, you've made an admirable and decent decision to support an effort that may one day help save not only your own life, but many millions of others. Few activities are as meaningful or as worthwhile.

5. Social Support And Public Outreach. The Cryonics Society knows that if cryonics is ever going to be publicly accepted, the people who advocate it are going to have to reach out to the public.  But they're going to have to reach out to one another, too.

So one of the aims of the Society is not only to get a message out to the public, but also to find ways to connect supporters of cryonics and people interested in cryonics together. The Society already has an interactive web site where people can leave comments and get to know others. We've also begun efforts to promote social networking through new web-based innovations like Meetup, and are working to develop means for more effective pro-cryonics activism.

People who support cryonics are not alone. New ways exist that can bring them closer together. And the Cryonics Society is working to make them available.

6. A Chance For Life. If cryonics can be made to work, an almost immeasurable number of human lives might well be saved. Your life could be one of them.

What that means is not something abstract. It means something very personal: you may have a chance for survival that you will not have if cryonics is never developed. The people that matter to you most in this world will have a chance to live which they might not have had if cryonics never arrives. No, there's no guarantee that cryonics will work in every situation. But there are legitimate reputable scientists and researchers who are on the record as stating that they think the process can and will work, and who have signed up themselves for treatment when the time comes.

The Cryonics Society invites you to make a positive choice: a choice to help support research and education and active humanitarian efforts that, just possibly, could one day mean life instead of death.

Possible life or certain death.  Isn't the choice obvious?

Make the choice for life by becoming a Cryonics Society supporter right now.

Just click on the button below, and begin taking part in the cryonics adventure today.

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