Should Members Of Existing Cryonics Groups Support The Cryonics Society?


If you're a member of an existing cryonics organization, you may be thinking, "Why should I join a group of people trying to convince others about the value of cryonics? I'm already convinced. I know its value. There's no need for someone like me to join."

On the contrary. People who support the idea of cryonics need more than ever to support an organization like the Cryonics Society.

The fact is, despite progress in nanotechnology, in vitrification, in cryomedicine and cryosurgery, in virtually every technical field that has some bearing on cryonics, the cryonics movement recently came very close to being legislated out of existence in the wake of press coverage concerning the suspension of a noted celebrity.

Negative media publicity provoked government officials and legislatures to take action that threatened to limit the capacity of cryonics organizations to provide top-level services, and in some cases to provide services at all, while being investigated. Legal expenses and civil actions cost active cryonics organizations time and money.

The entire episode left thoughtful supporters of the cryonics idea with one clear conclusion. If cryonics does not find greater acceptance by the general public, actions by the elected representatives of that public may have a disastrous effect on everything cryonics supporters have hoped for and worked for for so many years.

Cryonics May Not Survive Unless New Approaches Are Taken

The Cryonics Society was formed by people who believe that cryonics may not survive at all if active effort is not taken to improve the way cryonics is perceived by the public. If cryonics is perceived to be a willful assault on the public's values, if it's perceived to be a pseudo-science, a cult, then it doesn't matter what the reality is, or what the life-giving implications of cryonics research may be. Cryonics will die, and cryonics supporters will die along with it.

The lack of acceptance of cryonics by the public has crippled its development in every way, and this has had disastrous humanitarian consequences implications for everyone. Life-saving technologies and medically useful knowledge that might have been discovered not be discovered till, in many cases, it is far too late. 

Cryonics has been in existence for approximately forty years and has had press coverage than politicians and film stars and would ache to have.  Yet in all that time it has attracted only a handful of the number of people it might have attracted, and has done only a tiny fraction of the good it might otherwise have achieved.

In a world where pet rocks and high-nicotine cigarettes make millions, a technology that could conceivably save many millions of lives and extend the span of people's lives tremendously is not simply being ignored but is actively persecuted. Why? Because cryonics is repeatedly and consistently portrayed in inaccurate and destructive way.

A New Image Of Cryonics Is Needed

The Cryonics Society believes that the problem, and the solution, lies in the way cryonics is presented to the public.

If a new technology is presented as nonsense, it's not surprising that most people won't go for it. If a science is presented as science fiction, it's not surprising that few people accept it or respect it. If life-saving medical methods are caricatured as unworkable or amateurish, it's quite understandable that people won't sign up. If a bad and ugly portrayal of a thing is presented to the public, the public will turn away.

But that's also where the answer is. In presenting the public a good and accurate image of cryonics and its possibilities, instead of allowing a bad and negative picture to spread unchecked.

The continuing existence of the cryonics movement depends on the ability of supporters to present a picture of cryonics to the public that attracts the public, rather than repels them.

If we can do that, if we can make cryonics even moderately more acceptable, then we will have more supporters, more donations, more research, more acceptability, and a much higher likelihood of personal survival.

If we don't, if we continue doing what we're doing, then the cryonics movement will continue to get the same results that we've been getting for forty years - a bare handful of sign-ups each year, in the context of a storm of negative and inaccurate coverage.

Changing People's Minds About Cryonics

Who can turn this situation around? Despite their best efforts and a wealth of good will and good individuals, it's difficult for existing cryonics organizations to make that change. Their public credibility is compromised by having been presented too often in a highly negative light by sensation-seeking media.

Existing cryonics organizations have limited resources, limited staff, and limited public relations experience. They rightly want to put their time and money into research and patient care, not professional marketing efforts. Yet it is precisely strong professional effort that is needed to improve the way cryonics is perceived by the public and by public figures and representatives.

A vicious circle has come into existence. Cryonics providers can't properly present cryonics to the people because they don't have the financial resources -- they have to direct the limited resources they have to member and patient care and research. And yet because cryonics isn't properly presented to the public, cryonics providers don't have the members and the donations that could give them the financial resources necessary to grow and achieve their goals.

The result? Insufficient funds for research; insufficient funds for improved member and patient care; and a hostile social environment that threatens to shut down the entire movement and put an end to the hopes, and perhaps the lives, of us all.

The Solution Is The Cryonics Society

To change the mind of the public, you need to have an organization actively working the change the mind of the public.

The Cryonics Society is that organization.

Begun by professional communications consultants, the Cryonics Society is aimed explicitly at getting more and greater acceptance of the cryonics idea by the public. The founders are committed cryonics members who belong to several cryonics and pro-cryonics organizations and also who between them have more than half a century of experience in the field of public communications.

The Cryonics Society is taking concrete action now to improve public perceptions of cryonics. This web site is one example. A pro-cryonics mailing to several thousand people has already gone out. Books on cryonics are being commissioned by the Society and arrangements are being made to have them available in public libraries. Additional outreach programs are being drawn up, and the Society plans to make contributions to fund research efforts by qualified individuals as well as by mainstream cryobiological researchers.

The Cryonics Society is taking action to help support you. But to continue to do so, the Society needs help and support too. Your help. Your support.

Becoming A CS Supporter Can Make A Critical Difference

You can help.

Do you want to get the truth to the public? Then support us. Join us and become a supporter of the Cryonics Society.

If you're a member of a cryonics organization already, then you've already shown the courage and commitment necessary to be a part of the future. Support that choice by becoming a Basic Supporter of the Cryonics Society.  It only costs twenty dollars. But it can help give you and your commitment to cryonics the extra chance needed that could help make cryonics a valued and respected part of scientific research and social life.

Your becoming a supporter, your contribution, your help now can make all the difference.

Make the choice for the Cryonics Society. And for life.

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