The Mission Of The Cryonics Society

The Cryonics Society aims to foster support for the emerging science of cryonics by educating the public, advocating for more research, and by providing objective and unbiased information about cryonics and its benefits to everyone.

Why do we feel the public should support cryonics? Because such a technology could have many extraordinary social benefits. The goal of cryonics is to produce a technology capable of halting the process of biological decay.  It seeks to 'pause' a living being or any biological material, the way a television remote pauses a picture, and in such a way to save them from further decay and therefore destruction.

If such a cryonics technology were available, it would result in new life-enhancing possibilities which could improve all our lives. Consider these examples:

In short, the development of a working cryonics technology would clearly save a great number of lives, advance scientific knowledge, and reduce or erase a tremendous burden of human suffering.

But to make those compassionate and humane goals a reality, human beings need to come together and to work together to achieve that end. How? By joining the Cryonics Society.

The Cryonics Society is making concerted efforts to send a positive message of hope and possibility to the public and to the world.  Using professional approaches in areas ranging from traditional fields like direct mail to the latest internet innovations, the Cryonics Society is acting now to give everyone a chance to be a part of tomorrow.

Read through our web site and informational material. Learn more about cryonics and about how your support could help open the door to life and the future. Then click below, and become a supporter today!

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