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Everyone knows what cryonics is -- or at least they think they do. That's the problem.

Cryonics is a new and emerging medical technology. What it hopes to do one day is keep people with illnesses from getting worse and dying. How? By placing them in a low-temperature coma and caring for them till help can arrive. Even if that help takes quite a while.

But that's not how most people see it. They see it as science fiction, as a scam, as 'raising the dead' -- as everything but what it is: a scientific research project which could benefit every last one of us.

But suppose we could take living things and preserve them indefinitely. That we could safely put them on pause, the way you pause a television image with a remote. Have you ever thought about what that could mean?

Organs could be preserved and banked for when people needed them. Food could be preserved indefinitely for future crises or famines. Man could travel the long light-years between the stars. Endangered species would be endangered no more.

And -- not least -- sick people days or months or years away from a cure could be helped to reach that cure, and to live.

Yet cryonics, one of the most interesting and complex subjects in all of science, is ignored by scientists, researchers, universities and foundations.

Why? Because sensationalistic media stories, lack of proper information, and poor public relations efforts by cryonics advocates themselves have all come together to paint a false picture of cryonics as something marginal and bizarre. Instead of what it is: a legitimate object of scientific and medical research, and potentially one of most life-saving innovations in science and medicine ever conceived.

Changing The Public Image Of Cryonics


Changing that negative image is what the Cryonics Society is all about.

We're here to build public and private support for one of the most revolutionary and beneficial developments in health care ever imagined.

We're an unbiased unaffiliated independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing public understanding and scientific acceptance for this new emerging technology.

And what we do is simple. We work to inform the public. We point people to solid and legitimate information and organizations, and to qualified researchers and research organizations. We work to build scientific interest and to inspire funding for research. We help the public and the scientific community realize the incredible value and promise and potential of this neglected field.

Why? To help bring about a new technology that could just possibly save many millions of lives. Including yours.

Existing cryonics organizations can't undertake such a promotional effort. They have techniques and technologies to develop, patients to care for, staff to maintain, and uniformed but influential criticisms to face. Their focus is their people, not PR.

But the Cryonics Society was formed by cryonics advocates with backgrounds in marketing, advertising, direct mail, publishing, promotion, and law. We know media. We work in and with it. And we know people respond when the presentation is right.

What We Offer The Public -- And You

The Public

The Cryonics Society was founded and is led by publisher and mass marketing specialist Nick Pavlica, retired former international attorney Bruce Waugh, and author and marketing consultant David Pascal.

It arose in the wake of the Ted Williams controversy. The negative publicity surrounding the case (which later proved groundless) restricted the operations of leading cryonics providers, and threatened the rights and choices of cryonics organization members and citizens.

The Cryonics Society was formed as an independent nonprofit to halt this destructive trend, by spreading accurate information about cryonics, rather than lurid sensationalism.

The Cryonics Society provides information, not cryopreservation. it performs no cooling procedures itself. Nor does it maintain patients. The Cryonics Society devotes itself solely to educating, informing and assisting the public. It aims at fostering what it believes will be a growing groundswell of popular and financial support for the emerging new technology.

It doesn't house people who have chosen to be suspended or perform actual cryonics treatments. It isn't supported or directed by any organization that does.

It's a non-profit organization and its goal is to be a fair even-handed source of information about cryonics for journalists and interested individuals, and to take an active positive message about the many potential benefits of cryonics to the world.

But we can only do that through individual donations and support. The Cancer Society can only fight cancer if members fund their efforts. We can only promote cryonics if people help us with donations and support.

What exactly do such donations support? Efforts like these:

Be Part Of The Future. Take Part Today.


What does it cost to help us keep providing these services? Supporting our efforts at the Basic Supporter Level is only twenty-five dollars. But anything you can give, whether it's a dollar or a bequest, is welcome.

The bottom line is that things don't change unless they're made to change. Changing the way people regard cryonics means actively promoting a new and better public perception of it. And promotion costs money.

You can't send mail without paying for stamps. You can't place ads in magazines without paying for the space. Even a web site needs someone to pay to host it. Funding is critical. What we've done, and what we hope to do, is only possible because of contributions from people like you.

So make a difference.

Support the Cryonics Society

And make the choice for life.

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