The Cryonics Reader

The Cryonics Reader is an ongoing endeavor on the part of the Cryonics Society to assemble the best writings and commentary on cryonics into one easy-to-read popular volume.

Since a number of those documents are currently online, we would like to make some of the best cryonics writing available now to readers, rather than have them wait till all arrangements might be finalized. And so, below, we feature links to several pieces being considered for inclusion.

Our goal of an eventual print edition is dependent on the generosity of supporters and contributors. So if you would like to help bring print copies of The Cryonics Reader closer to reality, please consider helping us with your support by making a contribution here.

(Note: clicking the author's name will take you to that writer's web site or Wikipedia entry, where available.)

The Founding Document:

    The Prospect Of Immortality
      by Robert Ettinger

General Introductions To Cryonics:

    Wikipedia Entry On Cryonics
      by Various Authors

    Alcor FAQ
      produced by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation

    Ben Best's Cryonics FAQ
      by Ben Best

    Cryonics Institute FAQ
      a production of the Cryonics Institute

Scientific Commentaries On Cryonics:

    A Brief Scientific Introduction To Cryonics
      by Thomas Donaldson

    The Cryobiological Case for Cryonics
      from Cryonics magazine, March 1988

    Molecular Repair of the Brain
      by Ralph Merkle, PhD

    Cryonics, Cryptography, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation
      by Ralph Merkle, PhD

    A Door to the Future (from Engines Of Creation)
      by K. Eric Drexler, PhD

    Vitrification in Cryonics
      by Ben Best

    Scientists' Open Letter On Cryonics
      signed by 61 notable scientists

Medical Aspects Of Cryonics:

    The Biology of Cryonics for Medical Professionals
       by Charles Platt

   A Physician Considers Cryonics
      by Steven B. Harris, M.D.

    Neural Archeology
      by Thomas Donaldson, PhD

    Nanomedicine - Volume One
      by Robert Freitas, PhD

    Medical Ethics In Cryonics
      by H. Keith Henson and Ariel Lucas

    Vitrification in Cryonics
      by Ben Best

    Medical Time Travel
      by Brian Wowk

    Selected Journal Articles
      by Various Authors



    The First Cryonic Suspension
      by R. Michael Perry, PhD

    Our Finest Hours: The Dora Kent Case
      by R. Michael Perry, PhD

    The Thomas Donaldson Case
      Abstract: Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy

    The First Cryonics Case In Toronto
      by Ben Best

    Baseball Immortal: Ted Williams And Cryonics
      by David Pascal


    The Neuropreservation Option
      by Steve Bridge

    Cold War: The Conflict Between Cryonicists and Cryobiologists
      by Mike Darwin

    The Cost Of Cryonics
      by Mike Darwin

    Deathist Nation
      by George Dvorsky

    The Failure Of Cryonics: Part 1 and Part 2
      by Saul Kent


    An Exploratory Survey
      by W. Scott Badger

    Christianity and Cryonics
      produced the Alcor Life Extension Foundation

    Cryonics and Orthodoxy
      by John Warwick Montgomery

    Cryonics and the Death of Science Fiction
      by Thomas Donaldson

    Vanilla Sky
      by David Pascal

    The First Immortal
      by James Halperin

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