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Why Support CS?

Supporting the Cryonics Society has a number of special benefits.  Such as?

We believe that all men and women of good will share the hope that life-enhancing scientific research can move forward, and that life-saving new methods and treatments will be advanced.

The Cryonics Society is a supporter-based organization that aims to foster public support for an emerging technology that may make those goals possible.

We understand that the field of cryonics is a new and, to some, an unexpected approach to the problem of human illness and frailty.

But though it may seem complex and controversial, cryonics is not a miracle or a trick or a hoax. It is an area of research where progress is being made every day.

And personal and financial support from the public could be the critical difference in making cryonics a reality one day.

There are doctors and scientists and cryobiologists who have studied the facts and not only support further research into cryonics, but have become full supporters of cryonics organizations and have made preparations for cryonics treatment themselves when the time comes.

What do these people -- some of whom are among the best-known scientific minds in America -- know that you don't?  Find out. By becoming a supporter of the Cryonics Society.

You can be a part of the future, and help take part in one of the most serious humanitarian efforts and one of the greatest adventures that the world of today offers.

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Any donation you'd like to make would be acceptable. And welcome.

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Remember: your support helps us educate the public, advocate for qualified research, raising funds for scientific development, and provide the public with objective and unbiased information about cryonics and its potential benefits. Your help could help cryonics go on to a very long and successful existence.

And if it does, you might too. You and many millions of others.

Help us reach out and make the public understand about the potential benefits of this emerging science. The cost is small -- but the rewards could be as large as human imagination.

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